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For the People, Not a Party!

I believe that there is a silent majority of people in this country who feel that they are lost in the current political environment and have no voice. These people, who refuse to be categorized by their looks, their income level, popularity, sexuality, religion, or any of the many other divisive groups that our current political culture tries to place us in, all share one quality: they support common sense middle ground solutions to our most important legislative issues and are tired of the left/right and/or blue/red do nothing rhetoric that may be great for TV ratings but is horrible for getting anything done for the people who they were elected to represent.

I, like many others, for a long time thought: What can I do? I am just a normal working-class guy trying to support his family and carve out my little piece of the American dream. Surely, I would be no match for the well maintained and funded political machine. Then it hit me – I am not even close to being alone in my feelings. Chances are, you are one of many reading this and nodding your head.

I strongly believe that if the message gets out that there is just an average guy with no previous political ties, looking to stand up to the entrenched political opposition to change, we can do just that.

I humbly ask for your support and courage to take a chance on me.  Let me prove it to you. I am seeking an office with a two-year term.  If I am elected, in two short years, I will be held accountable for my actions or inactions during that time. Since I have purposely chosen to join no party in an election system that absolutely favors two, especially financially, I would need all of the support I can get. More importantly, with that support, I would not be indebted to a party and therefore would not have to spend time away from my duties as a US representative for YOU, to promote party agendas in other districts or states.

Make no mistake, without the financial backing of a party or special interest group; this will truly be a challenge.  Challenging to get elected and also during my tenure.  But, I am not afraid or intimidated in any way. I am fed up of being a lost American and I think it is about time that the average American citizen is truly represented by one of its own.

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